Applying advanced wireless technology for profitable buisness solution. The L-RAS Solution impact operators profitability by helping them generate significant revenue streams and at the same time reducing operating expenses. The Solution delivers up to ten times the coverage of standard Solutions in the industry today. They are designed to meet both urban and rural deployments.

Rural Greenfield Sites (RGS) Antenna Solution

L-RAS Solution for Greenfield, no coverage locations. With our propietary solution we can provide blanket coverage for a wide area reducing CAPEX required for covering such areas.

Low Margin Sites (LMS) Antenna Solution

L-RAS Solution for exist but none performing sites. Solution geared towards making these site perfoming and revenue generating without extra invested capital in these sites.

Urban Metro Sites (UMS) Antenna Solution

L-RAS Solution for urban arears with existing coverage and areas without good coverage.



  • Excellent Coverage capturing a minimum of 6 to 20 times the area of standard antenna
  • Better Signal (between 21 to 30dB)
  • Matching Capacity for 2G & 3G and 3G & 4G footprint
  • Positioned to adapt to future coverage exigencies


  • Enhanced capacity without increasing OPEX
  • Efficient frequency reuse with propietary frequency planning scheme.
  • Efficient Spectrum utilization for higher erlang capacity per site
  • improved capacity translate to overall higher system planning


  • Improved indoor penetrationfor better customer experience
  • Better coverage implies better voice quality and data throughput
  • Improved customer experience due to less call drops, less signal overhead and improved HOSR


  • Super Economical coverage
  • Higher Erlang per site (EPS) translating to reduced overall cost per erlang
  • Lower CAPEX for planned sites and OPEX for existing sites
  • Better allocation of services