Solving Unsolvable Coverage Problems

Do you have estates and lanes you cannot reach? Are you missing opportunities because you cannot acquire a new site? Is your coverage suffering because you could not get the right height on the nearest tower? Is poor coverage leading to poor data rates? You need to look no further. If you have a coverage problem, then TYDACOMM is your solution.

Drive Testing

TYDACOMM ’s knowledgeable and experienced drive test teams are fully equipped to deliver comprehensive and detailed drive test reports.

We can develop drive test plans for city centers, rural markets, in-building testing and network simulations and execute them quickly and on budget.  Our detailed reports and coverage maps include RSCP, RSRQ, RSSI, RXQUAL, FER, SNR, SSID levels and many more details.

Tailored Network & Site Solutions

TYDACOMM specializes in extracting maximum revenue from low margin sites where traditional cellular antennas are limited, locking some sites into permanent revenue losses. 

Our strategic tailored solutions are the answer.

With the proper use of higher gains and long-range applications and using key data points from the site we tailor a precise design and targeted solution that transforms any site into positive revenue territory for maximum profitability.

Our sophisticated solutions do that by increasing traffic and maximizing coverage area with greater signal levels.

Network Planning and Optimization

Optimizing a network is a dynamic challenge as user demands and network capacity are constantly changing. By optimizing your network on a routine basis, operators maximize customer reach and profits.

TYDACOMM achieves optimal network performance through both initial and continuous optimization.  In the initial phase we establish key objectives and target values (KPI’s).

In the continuous phase, we monitor trends and activity to develop an ideal coverage solution to maximize site utilization and profits.

Site Management

Cellular sites need to be online and performing at maximum capacity which requires routine inspections and active monitoring.  TYDACOMM ’s experienced staff employs the most advanced monitoring methods to ensure your network is safeguarded. 

Utilizing remote monitoring and management tools and software, we can actively monitor your sites or networks, and respond to early warnings ensuring sites are active and always profitable

WI-FI Internet Solutions

TYDACOMM Specializes in developing and installing customized WI-FI & WLAN solutions, specifically designed for Hotels, Shopping Malls, Campuses, Hostels, Business Complex’s, Schools, and Other Public Locations.

TYDACOMM’s experienced staff will develop a unique solution for your particular application, utilizing high tech hardware and advanced software applications to give the ISP full control of their networks.  Our tailored solutions enable service providers to strategically manage internet access through RADIUS server and captive portal technologies and maintain the highest security protocols.

Service providers customize authentication options including username/password combination, social account login, email login or simply accepting and clicking on Terms & Conditions button.

Construction Services

TYDACOMM specializes in project management and wireless site construction.  We offer a wide range of services from general contracting, site groundwork, tower construction, antenna installation, fiber optics, shelter installations, microwave radio installation, renewable energy design & installation. 

TYDACOMM’s expert staff offers true turnkey services, we will manage all aspects of your infrastructure needs from design, procurement, logistics, installations and commissioning.